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Landscape architecture is a discipline specialized in the creation, rehabilitation and

conservation of outdoor spaces, designed with human needs in mind,

but without losing sight of sustainability and respect for the environment.


A little history.


The term landscape architecture was coined by Gilbert Laing Meason in 1828 and the

International Federation of Landscape Architects, founded in 1948, was in charge of defining

its general criteria.


The current landscape architecture includes the design of green areas for all types of

environments, from private residences to community buildings, public facilities,

offices or work spaces.


Modern garden design.


The design of a garden goes far beyond its aesthetic style, these projects must

begin with an exhaustive analysis of the terrain and the definition of the needs to which

This space must respond to each client.


Afterwards, the landscape designer proceeds to the creation of functional diagrams and the elaboration of the

design, in which every detail counts, from the location or the choice of varieties

vegetables to plant until the construction of elements such as swimming pools, porches or booths



Colors, shapes, textures and smells.


In the same way that a decorator plays with the colour, shape or finishes of the

interior coverings or furniture to achieve the perfect decoration, any garden

It offers us infinite options to combine.


Plant elements, by themselves, already represent a huge range of colors,

sizes, sizes, textures and fragrances to choose from, to these are also added elements

natural, such as stones, streams or paths, and artificial, such as furniture

exterior or lighting, which must be taken care of in detail to maintain the harmony of the



The perfect style.


Mediterranean, tropical, English gardens, stone gardens... There are thousands of styles

to give life to the garden of your dreams, but, before choosing, you must analyze in detail the

particular characteristics of its location: climate and orientation, frequency of rain, type

of soil.


Tropical gardens, for example, need high humidity, so they can be

difficult to maintain in an area with an arid climate. In these cases, it is always

It is advisable to request the expert help of a landscaping professional, who can

advise us on the most appropriate formulas to achieve the aesthetics you are looking for.


Landscaping, also indoors.


Although the idea of landscaping is normally associated with outdoor spaces, the new

trends in interior design and architecture also bet on nature to create

unique decorations in interior spaces. Having these green spaces within your

home will bring freshness and vitality to the environment, whatever its style, and also, these

Natural elements have important benefits for our state of mind. What else

can be ordered?


Vegetable species.


The choice of plant varieties that will populate the garden of your dreams will be key if

you want it to look perfect, during any time of the year. The landscaping experts

recommend always giving priority to autochthonous varieties, but if we want to introduce

alien species, be sure to choose varieties well adapted to the conditions

climate and geography of the area.


Water needs.


Each plant species has particular water needs to develop

fully, which will affect the energy consumption of your garden. choose varieties

autochthonous or adapted to the region, for example, is a good way to keep low

Control water consumption.


If you are looking for an efficient garden from a water point of view, it will also be very useful to install

Some kind of irrigation system. Drip irrigation represents the most economical option,

while an automatic sprinkler irrigation system can be around 1,500 euros

for a garden of 100 square meters.


Spatial organization.


Just like inside a house we find different rooms, a garden too

It can include different areas and environments, depending on your tastes or needs. The

outdoor dining areas or chill-out style rest areas are two very popular options.

usual within the design of modern gardens, but we can also incorporate other

many elements: fountains, ponds, swimming pools... The design of your garden should organize the

space in an adequate way, defining and delimiting environments according to your needs, and

connecting them together, to create a harmonious whole.


The lighting


Although, during natural light it is enough to make your garden shine in all its

splendor, if you want to enjoy this space, also during the night, you will need a

adequate night lighting.

In the current market it will allow us to recommend many options to create the project

lighting for your garden: beacons, lampposts, spotlights embedded in the ground, wall lights for

walls, LED lights, solar lamps.


Regular maintenance.


Having a good design is key to giving our garden the dream style but, once

Once its execution is finished, good maintenance will be essential to preserve it

always in optimal conditions. Within it are included tasks such as pruning

trees and hedges, cleaning or clearing.

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